Dan Pacholik

Dan Pacholik

Founder & CEO

Dan graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 1977 with a M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering and immediately went to work for the telecommunications industry and has spent his entire working career in telecommunications software and IT development.

After nearly 20 years with SaskTel, Dan led a team to develop GPS based fleet tracking systems and completed a reverse take over of a TSX listing to become a publicly listed company. Dan, as a Director and Officer, led the acquisition of low earth orbiting satellites to deliver proprietary coverage in under served cellular markets. As services were being deployed in USA and Mexico, Dan resigned and undertook a challenge to globally deploy Cell Broadcast technologies, which remains an on-going effort for Dan. Today, Cell Broadcast services have been deployed in nearly 20 countries globally under various brand names; but this leaves nearly 6 billion humans without adequate public warning, so Dan and the team’s efforts continue.

Dan is the founder and CEO of Global Alerts Corp and is actively working on delivering Generation 2.0 of Cell Broadcast technologies which he and other team members started back in 1995 to deliver Emergency messages to mobile devices, something we commonly refer to today as Amber Alerts.

Global Alerts Corp Team

With years of experience in the mobile messaging sector our team has shaped and molded the technology in mobile communications to a higher level.


Dan Pacholik

Director, Founder and CEO

Kris Parthiban

Director and Chief Strategy Officer

Mark Wood

Technology Secretariat

Elysa Jones

Global Standards Secretariat

Brenda Scott

Director of Business Operations