About Us

About Global Alerts Corp.

Global Alerts Corp’s proposal to design and build the next generation of Public Warning was accepted and approved by the Cellular Emergency Alert Service Association (CEASa)

Use of the Next Generation of pre and post-event public notification (UPSEN) was awarded exclusively, worldwide, to the alliance of Nations, Mobile Network Operators, Vendors, Information Societies, and all citizens of the World.

All the above participants join ONEWorld UPSEN Alliance Inc. for a minimal annual membership fee.

The trafficking of women and children is a global problem. Ninety percent of nations need the capability to issue child abduction alerts.

Global Professional Associations
The world is united in identifying threats to our society and communities, we have set out to ensure these threats are delivered to all users on cellular networks.
Why Global Alerts Corp.
The change in climate and cultures has resulted in a dramatic increase in both the frequency and magnitude of manmade and natural threats to public safety. Although there have been significant advances in detection and analysis of these threats, the humanitarian benefit remains totally dependent on how information is received, and perceived, by the affected public.

Hydromet threats account for ninety percent of all emergency alerts. The need for timely dissemination of trusted information to threatened population is essential.

The trafficking of children is a global problem. Ninety percent of nations need the capability to issue child abduction alerts.

Cost-effective disaster recovery needs the ability for humanitarian agencies and associations to communicate with impacted populations.


Global Alerts Corp’s mission is to grow our Critical Emergency Notification System globally to increase safety, prevent loss and reduce cost.

Global Alerts and Government Framework

Global Alerts works with all levels of governments and all mobile carriers to build the platform to ensure the delivery of safety alerts for its citizens. This platform can be established to focus in on missing persons with the police using Amber Alerts or as an early weather warning system in the case of life threatening tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes and flood events. Global Alerts is the only Global Emergency Management Cell Broadcast system designed to address regional mass messaging regardless human defined borders.